• Lead conversion

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A personalized experience for every lead

With Atumic you can provide every lead with a personalized customer experience through account based marketing. With our unique lead scoring solutions you can appoint each individual with their own set of characteristics that make them a qualified prospect. Once they have been qualified as a prospect, an automated campaign can be triggered to convert your lead into a customer.

Lead Conversion Solutions 

  • Automated campaigns

    Easy campaign automation

    You may think that you need a lot of ICT knowledge to automate something in a software. Luckily, with Atumic you don't have to. You can easily use our tool to not only automate email campaigns but also web, mobile and social campaigns. Integrate the automated campaigns seamlessly into your communication strategy.

    Save time, start automating
  • Lead scoring

    Get high qualified leads

    Assign points to your leads when they perform a specific action. When they have reached a certain amount of points, the start of a campaign will be triggered. Since every company and lead is unique, you can setup the lead scoring yourself. This way, you can make sure that your leads are highly qualified.

    Convert more leads
  • Landing pages

    Launch and learn what converts best

    Optimize and customize a landing page for every occasion. Every unique landing page will be tracked and provides you with customer data. This way you can find out which campaign or piece of content converts best. You can also include personalized web forms on every landing page to get to know your audience better.

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  • Web forms

    Get to know your leads

    Learn more about your audience by adding web forms to your website and landing pages. Use this information to enhance the segmentation of your contacts. This will allow you to provide them with content tailored to their needs. You can also use the information to improve your campaigns which will lead to more lead conversion.

    Start interacting with your leads
  • Progressive Profiling

    Next level web forms

    Take web forms to the next level with progressive profiling. Each time a lead returns to your site, you can show them a different set of fields on the web form. This way you can collect new and unknown information. The information can be used to improve the customer experience of your visitor. Start collecting accurate data.

    Get to know your leads