• Smart Marketing

Get the most out of your marketing. Receive tips, tricks and templates straight to your mailbox. 

Smart Marketing is knowing who your potential customers are, what you can help them with and when they are ready for your message. Our platform has all the modern features to facilitate you with this. From personalised content options to advanced contact management tools. 

Smart Marketing Solutions

  • Email marketing

    E-mail is not dead

    E-mail is still one of the best converting tools in digital marketing. It is not the question if you should integrate e-mail into your communication mix. The question is how easy it is to use. Our tool is not only very easy, it is a modern day email marketing machine.

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  • Multi-channel communication

    Optimized for any device

    Sending the right message is only half the work. Sending it on the right channel (and at the right time) is the other half. Your audience doesn't just stick to one channel. They use several per day and per activity. With Atumic you can deliver your content to your audience through all kinds of channels.

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  • Contact management

    Find out who your lead is

    Building your contact database is one thing, but building a marketing database is our thing. And that is the foundation of true Smart Marketing. Interact with your audience and get to know them. With all the gathered information you will be able to reach out in the most personal way!

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