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  • Automated campaigns

    Maximize the success of your marketing effort by automating your marketing campaigns. Save time on recurring marketing tasks to invest in creating content and optimizing your marketing.

  • Plug-ins

    Exchange data between the technology solutions that are vital for your business with third-party plug-ins. Gather the data of your CRM of CMS tool in your Atumic environment and push relevant contact data back to them.

  • Account-based marketing

    Track contact activities throughout multiple (social media) accounts, reward them with points and target your contacts with a personalized content strategy.

  • Email marketing

    Customize your email templates, use dynamic content and perform A/B testing in order to create the perfect email for your audience. Send out personalized emails with special tokens and automated campaigns based on segments.

  • Website tracking

    Capture the behavior of anonymous and known visitors on your website. Use this data to get to know your contacts, improve your buyer's journey, personalize your messages and understand how your visitors are engaging with your business.

  • Multi-channel communication

    Whether your contact prefers email, social media or even SMS to communicate with your brand with Atumic you can reach them all with just one tool.

  • Contact management

    Manage your contacts with the Atumic contact database. Store full demographics, behavioral information and more on the contacts personal page.

  • Landing pages

    Customize landing pages with templates and content tailored to the wished of the target audience. Atumic landing pages are mobile-friendly and allow you to measure the conversion.

  • Lead scoring

    Assign points to contacts based on their behavior on your site, demographics or other engagements. Use the points to qualify your contacts and determine when they are sales-ready.

  • Dynamic content

    Make the content on your website, landing page or email dynamic to target the right people with the right content. You can even use this feature to engage with your contacts in their own language with just one page or email based on their whereabouts.

  • Analyses and reports

    Turn your data into valuable reports to learn everything about the return of investment on your marketing efforts. Gain insights on your customer's interests and behavior and use these to improve your marketing.

  • Support

    Get in touch with our support team fast and easily using the Atumic Slack channel.

  • Academy

    Learn from us and with us. Use the detailed Atumic beginnersguide to get started right away. Receive monthly tips and tricks on how to improve your marketing.

  • Forms

    Build your own forms to get to know your visitors. Use this information to segment them and personalize your campaigns. Make your forms dynamic so you will learn something new every time they engage with your content.

Meet Eva

Eva is a successful entrepreneur with a passion for her work. Like more business owners, she is not happy with all things she needs to run her business. She rather leaves all that to specialists. 

Eva feels passionate about her business and her customers are happy. Her business is growing but as a true entrepreneur, she wants more. She needs to make the step towards digital marketing. Not her specialty.

That is where Atumic can help: with our easy and low-cost Smart Marketing platform. It has all modern tools Eva needs to share her story, but low cost.

Now she can keep sharing her passion and sell more. Smart!

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This is Jack

Jack is a Marketing & Sales manager who knows that digital marketing is needed to grow a business.

His boss is not as digital minded as Jack is. But he trusts Jack to do what is best. Thinking as an entrepreneur, Jack knows he has to try new things to see what works or not.

That is why Jack advised his boss to move over to Smart Marketing. They will sell more, have a higher customer satisfaction and, last but not least, this will increase Jack’s bonus at the end of the year.

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