All the features you need to make smart marketing as easy as possible

  • Automated campaigns

    Send the right message at the right time, even when you are not around. With automated campaigns, you can schedule emails, social media posts and blogs whenever and wherever you want to.

  • Lead scoring

    Assign points to leads based upon their actions. With these scores automated campaigns can be triggered.

  • Landing pages

    Create, personalise and track landing pages. Find out what content converts best.

  • Webforms

    Add a webform to a landing page to optain more leads and information to turn leads into customers.

  • Visitor profiling

    Get to know your visitors better and better. Personalise your web form to the visitor of the page.

  • Email marketing

    Email is one of (if not the) best converting tool in digital marketing. Design, set-up and optimise your emails for every contact in your database.

  • Multi-channel communication

    Communication with potential customers is not exclusively for one channel. Send your message across multiple channels.

  • Contact management

    Build and manage your contact database to get the best marketing results.

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