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The story behind Atumic

Atumic is a start-up company founded by highly experienced IT and marketing professionals.

In the last years we experienced that our field of expertise has one big Buzzword Bingo around “Marketing Automation”. There are 10 million search results in half a second, but it is a topic explained and used in many different ways with no consistency at all.

This is a bad development because marketing is cool, especially with all the smart digital tools available now. So, we took on the challenge to create an all-in-one marketing suite which enables you to deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time through the right channel. At an affordable price.


We call this Smart Marketing

Another Buzzword?

No, it is all that modern marketing is: a way of life (well, at least a way of working ;-)). Pragmatic, personal, easy-to-use and with a healthy and measurable return on marketing investment.

Smart Marketing is back to the basics of marketing with the modern tools of now.

Sounds challenging!? Absolutely! But, with Atumic everyone can become a Smart Marketer. Without the hassle, but with the right tools and guidance. 

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