Do you want to be part of the winning team?

Do you want to be part of the winning team?

Best Marketing Automation Suite of 2017

Big news! Mautic was chosen to be the Best Marketing Automation Suite of 2017 according to CMSCritic. Runner up is Hubspot, last year’s winner.

When we started Atumic we chose for Mautic for more than one reason. The love of:

  • Open Source initiatives.
    This is where the real change begins and the thought behind Open Source software is the whole idea behind the internet. Help each other to get better in all transparency.
  • Online Marketing.
    But at what cost? Until now only the happy few could benefit from Marketing Automation software. We want to share our passion.
  • Mautic.
    We saw the potential of this software and the passionate community. This award confirms our vision.

Hubsbot vs. Mautic

Unleashed Technologie | Hubspot vs. MauticWe have long-time experience in all sorts of online marketing software. Open Source or not. From an IT perspective, but also as an enduser. We are well aware of the downsides of Open Source software and thus also of Mautic. But, we also see the benefits of it. Especially if you look at budget needed and the speed in updates. Because of the large community of voluntary specialists, it develops with the speed of lightning. To secure all the updates to the core of Mautic, the company is very strict in what to approve or not. And all large enhancements are built in the core so the community can benefit from it. For free.

Unleashed Technologies published a great post comparing Mautic with Hubspot. And they listed these 5 cons regarding Mautic:

  1. IT support is needed for setup, configuration, hosting
  2. Developer support is needed for custom landing pages and custom emails
  3. A difficult learning curve for Marketers who are not tech-savvy
  4. Slower support times due to a smaller community backing it
  5. Not as intuitive for the end user

Mautic vs. Atumic

And that is where Atumic can make the difference:

  1. We deliver Mautic as a Service, so no IT needed. All updates are done by us.
  2. We can provide you with templates and designs of all sorts. At low cost.
  3. We preconfigured a Marketing Dashboard and a Marketing Campaign. Ready to start instantly.
  4. We offer a free Usergroup Slack where the community of customers can benefit from each other and from our staff.
  5. We help you with a topnotch Beginner’s Guide and a live onboarding session.

If you want to join the winning team go to this page to read more on how Atumic works.

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