• The road to smart marketing

Learn more about Atumic’s solutions and features that marketing automation as easy as possible. 


Online marketing does not have to be difficult, time-consuming or expensive. It’s all about being smart. That’s why we invented Atumic. Atumic combines all the modern online marketing instruments in just one tool. Stop losing data, keep your contact database up-to-date in one place and find out what your audience is doing. Understanding how your prospects and customers are engaging with your content is just one mouseclick away. Measure the effectiveness of your marketing, share these insights with your team and start improving your online marketing today. That’s what we call: smart.


A marketing campaign is a specific series of activities, used to market a new or changed product or service through different marketing channels and methods. And although this sounds challenging, with Atumic it is not! With the campaign builder, you can set up a campaign quickly and easily.

Use multiple channels, choose your content by segment and optimize the format that your target group prefers. You can deliver the right message at the exact right time, personalize your content, perform A/B testing and more.

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